Kitchen Extract

A minimum annual Programmed Planned Maintenance clean and service is an essential part of all commercial kitchen Extraction Systems and Ducting grease management. Under normal conditions grease and other flammable material build up in the cooker hood and your extraction duct system.

A build up of greasy deposit in your kitchen duct system is the biggest fire risk In the addition if your duct runs through different parts of the building it may well put other areas at risk , ultimately resulting in you being held responsible for any liability that may incur if the correct regulations have not been adhered to.

Routine inspection and regular maintenance will ensure you comply with insurance conditions, avoid costly business interruption, improved hygiene and the risk of prosecution as a result of poor maintenance and non-compliance with fire safety regulations.

We can perform a detailed survey of your system and provide a photographic and written report free of charge.


HVCA Extractor/Duct Professional Cleaning

•  Risk assessments and condition surveys
•  Deep cleaning of kitchen canopies, filters, ductwork and fans
•  Filter supply and changes
•  Planned monitoring and kitchen ductwork cleaning maintenance
•  All ductwork cleaning is guaranteed and carried out as recommended in HVCA TR/19 (internal cleanliness )

Legal Notice
Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

It is now the responsibility of building managers to ensure cooking extract systems operate in a safe and hygienic manner, and these systems `must` be inspected on a regular basis and maintained free from combustible greasy deposits.

We can carry out inspections, Risk Assessments and deep cleaning of canopies, fans, filters and all associated ductwork.